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     Taizhou Feihuan Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (former Yuhuan County flying ring valve factory, Yuhuan County valve factory) valves are located in China - Yuhuan County. With Forest Park at sea - island across the sea. The company was founded in 1970, the introduction of foreign valve developed into the plunger valve (to become the country's first production plunger valve, ball valve, drain valve enterprises); 1998 developed into horizontal and vertical dual check valve, patent number: ZL98232441.3; 2000 developed into a practical new type piston valve, patent No.: ZL00226376.92005 years to developed three eccentric hard-seal butterfly valve multi-level patent number 200620046736.3, and the production of the cut-off valve, hydraulic control valve, gate valve, plunger valve, lock collision type hydrant, has formed a "flying ring" brand series of valve products. Strong technical force. Production testing equipment......

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